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    Update CRIMSON 9-18-18

    This update, codename Crimson, is the biggest overhaul in the Austad Movies systems since the server first started over a year ago. We have many new and exciting features outlined below:

    [Update 1] Single sign-on is now compatible with Ombi and Plex on our servers. Now you don’t have to have a separate Ombi username and password, you will login directly with your Plex username and password. To access Ombi and other applications, click “Launch” from the home page menu.*
    [Update 2] Automatic movie and TV show acquisition is a new feature for Austad Movies users. This means that you can find a movie or show on Ombi and that media will automatically start uploading to the server as soon as you request it. This feature is currently available to users who have made ANY donation to Austad Movies.**
    [Update 3] Request status interface. Your requests are processed and posted on the website so you can track the status of your request. You can access the page by clicking the “Launch” button from the homepage and signing into Austad Movies Apps with your Plex username and password. Click the download icon on the left-hand side to see the download status page.
    [Update 4] Encryption. Website now authenticates through SSL (HTTPS) for better encryption ensuring that your data sent to and from the server is safe.
    [Update 5] Live episode tracking, These new features allow for current season TV shows to be uploaded immediately when they are available throughout the season.



    Update 8-13-18

    Finished migrating the website to version 2.0. This version includes a better all-in-one solution for Austad Movies and provides a more concise, user-friendly interface.
    The Forums are now built into the site and the new menu allows for easier navigation.

    Plex Changes
    -Removed ‘Rated R’ Category
    -Added ‘Pre-Releases’ category: Includes movies that aren’t widely released yet. Items in this category are not available on normal digital releases and many not be the highest quality.

    Planned future upgrades:
    -Single Sign On with Ombi and Plex
    -More content pages and FAQs
    -Member features

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    Update 7-18-18

    Re-categorized movies into R and Non-R groups
    Added a “Kids” category
    “All Moves” now includes everything, including Pre-1970s Movies

    We have started the Decades Projects. This project aims to add over 600 movies in the next month by adding 10-20 movies from every year since the 1990s. Eventually, we will also include a significant amount of movies from before the 1990s.



    Update 4-16-18

    Changed the main web page to make the sign up link more obvious
    Added the Forum link to the applications bar



    Update 4-9-18

    A classics sections has now been added with selections of movies released before 1970. This change was made in order to make it easier to find the movies you want to watch and provide a place to find classic movies.

    Special thanks to Dr. A for helping establish a good collection of Pre-1970 movies.



    Update 4-2-18

    Now the Austad Plex movie server will require you to have your own, personal Plex account to access content. With this change there are many new and exciting features:

    Personalized content: save your TV show progress and movies you’ve seen and want to see.
    Better communication: get notifications about server downtime and new content.
    Access to Ombi: Directly request whatever movie or TV show you want! Requests are sent to HQ as suggestions for new content.
    To get started you will need to create a Plex account and fill out this form to request access to Plex and Ombi.

    Your Ombi account is tied to the Austad Plex server and allows you to search for content that is both available on the server and is not available. You can request titles after searching for them there. Additionally, you can submit an issue with the content that is available for a variety of reasons: unavailable/broken content, poor quality content, or subtitles missing. You can also use the forums to report issues or requests, but please limit them to generalized topics about the whole server or website, not individual movies.

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